Learn how to play Gypsy Jazz guitar with these instructional videos!
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In these videos I will show you how to play Gypsy Jazz guitar. We will get into technique, rhythm guitar, soloing, and advanced solo pieces.

Introduction to Gypsy Jazz Guitar
Learn how to play Gypsy Jazz guitar!
This is probably the most important course because it shows you how to perform the right hand picking technique in Gypsy Jazz. The right hand picking technique is the engine of the music, and if you don’t know how to do it, then start here.

The Art of Augmented
Explore the dreamy sound of Augmented with this Gypsy Jazz guitar course! Learn how to fly around the guitar neck with ease. Access augmented to add subtle color to your solos and rhythm playing!

Diminished Lightning Vol. 3
Get into some of the most powerful licks and uses of diminished. If you want to master advanced Gypsy Jazz guitar, then this course was made for you!

Diminished Lightning Vol. 2
An essential exploration of how to use diminished in your solos. This is the foundation of single-note soloing with diminished!

Diminished Lightning Vol. 1
This course thoroughly covers how you can use diminished chords to create momentum in your playing. If you’ve ever wanted to get into chord soloing, this is the place to start!

The Greatest Guitar Solo in the World
In this course, we learn every detail of how to play one of the most advanced guitar pieces of all time, Django Reinhardt’s tour de force, Improvisation No. 1. If you can play this piece, you will be able to play almost anything!

Master the rhythm guitar parts for some of the most often called Gypsy Jazz tunes with these accompaniment courses:

Gypsy Waltzes

La Pompe


Gypsy Jazz Basics: Harmony
Learn a simple but mighty adjustment to easily add complex colors to your solos, sans scales!

Gypsy Jazz Basics: Rhythm
An analysis of how syncopation works. The building block of Swing and Jazz solos!


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